Tamburlaine – RSC

Christopher Marlowe's plays, Tamburlaine Part One and Two, depict the military conquests and spectacular rise to power of a tyrant. Sadly, this is a subject we are all familiar with in the 21st century. 400 years after Marlowe penned the plays, director Michael Boyd has condensed the two texts, turning them into a single, epic,... Continue Reading →

Tartuffe – RSC

In 1664, when Moliere's Tartuffe was first performed, religion was dangerous. European Christians were split between Catholic and Protestant faiths and several religious wars were waged. This was the time of the Catholic Spanish Inquisition, where Protestants were persecuted because of their beliefs. In England, the monarchy switched back and forth between Catholicism and Protestantism, resulting in religious turmoil. Similarly... Continue Reading →

Future Bodies – HOME, Manchester

Earlier this year, Rash Dash Theatre blew me away with their radical reworking of Chekhov's Three Sisters at the Royal Exchange Theatre. They now return to Manchester, in collaboration with Unlimited Theatre, to present a revolutionary new production, written by Rash Dash members Helen Goalen, Abbi Greenland and Unlimited Theatre's co-founder, Clare Duffy. Future Bodies... Continue Reading →

Queen Margaret – Royal Exchange Theatre

Queen Margaret is the first play in this year's Autumn/Winter season at the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester. Margaret of Anjou appears in four of Shakespeare's history plays, including the immensely popular Richard III. She has more dialogue than any other female character in Shakespeare, even Rosalind. However, because her story is fragmented across several... Continue Reading →

OthelloMacbeth – HOME, Manchester

OthelloMacbeth, directed by Jude Christian, brings together two of Shakespeare's most popular tragedies into a single two-hour play. These plays are condensed into two parts, the first being Othello, with Macbeth forming the second half of the production. The main motive behind compressing these plays is to provide a retelling of Shakespeare's tragedies, and inviting... Continue Reading →

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