Men Chase Women Choose – Hope Mill Theatre (GM Fringe 2019)

Men Chase Women Choose is a science lesson you won’t forget in a hurry! Taking you through 12,000 years of scientific discoveries about sex, this is a show that challenges gender myths and explores how women were subject to “BAD SCIENCE” throughout history. Answering the question, “What is the point of woman?”, the comedy sketch show takes the form of a lecture. But this is no boring, ‘death by PowerPoint’ seminar. This is “Sexy Science” that explores the female body in all its wonders.

Men Chase Women Choose GM Fringe Hope Mill Theatre Eve Shotton Sophie Giddens
Eve Shotton and Sophie Giddens bring ‘sexy science’ to Hope Mill Theatre.

Your lecturers for the evening are the phenomenally talented duo, Eve Shotton and Sophie Giddens. The pair recently appeared in an all female production of Hamlet, impressing as the fated Dane and Horatio. Here, Shotton is an erotically charged performer who fantasises over Masterchef‘s Gregg Wallace, and is tasked with making science sexy, and the lecture more entertaining. Deliberately over-theatrical, wearing an explicit t-shirt, she is bursting with energy from the moment she explodes onto the stage, high-fiving the audience.

Giddens acts as a pH neutraliser to Shotton’s character, playing a level headed scientist, having to restrain her friend from going off on a tangent, suppressing her sexual outbursts with regular doses of David Attenborough videos. Clinically proven as a “palate cleanser”, repressing female sexual urges, it is the only way Giddens can control Shotton. Her character is an intelligent “STEMINIST“, but also has an abundance of dry wit and humour.

The pair compliment each other perfectly, and display a fantastic rapport, forging an irrepressible partnership that is a complete joy to watch. It is clear that they are having a blast, and this energy feeds through to the audience. With superb comic timing, they both demonstrate exceptional versatility as actors, delivering comedy through rap, poetry, physical performance, and sketches.

Written by Shotton, Giddens and Matt Holt, Men Chase Women Choose is educational, engaging and absolutely hilarious. An absurd concoction of history, scientific fact, and comedy, it makes me wish that my science lessons in school would have been like this. Although the teacher may have been sacked!

This science lesson is not for the faint-hearted, becoming more erotic as women are granted more sexual liberties as societal ideologies changed over time. Gone are the days where male doctors treated hysteria by massaging the vulva, a therapy which unsurprisingly caused more women to be diagnosed with the condition. The Victorians literally thrust science into modernity, inventing the first vibrator. However, women are still subjected to “BAD SCIENCE”, as proven by the fact we still have to pay tax on sanitary products because they are deemed a luxury.

A brilliantly constructed lecture that is explicitly funny, informative and strangely empowering.

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Men Chase Women Choose is part of the GM Fringe festival, transferring to Buxton, before finishing at the Edinburgh Fringe.

You can find more about sexy science on We Are People Zoo’s website.

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