GM Fringe Awards 2019

A month of incredible fringe theatre came to an end last night with the 2019 GM Fringe Awards. Across July, there were over 250 productions that showcased local emerging talent. A multitude of venues welcomed artists, from pubs to train station platforms, and Manchester was a buzzing hive of creativity.

Every single person involved in this festival deserves a huge amount of credit for putting their heart and soul into the work they produced on stage, whether they are writers, directors, performers or the supporting technical crew.

GM Fringe Awards Nominees and Winners Manchester Theatre Awards 2019

This is why I felt a little uncomfortable at some unsuccessful pitches being openly mocked by the hosts throughout the night. It takes a lot of courage to submit a piece of work to a festival. Considering that the GM Fringe is supposed to be an inclusive festival, “for the many, not just the few“, mocking unsuccessful work for a few laughs is distasteful. Certainly not very supportive towards emerging creatives, bearing in mind that they could’ve poured everything into their plays, only to be dubbed failures, and openly ridiculed.

Despite this, the evening still boasted some fantastic plays being rightfully honoured by being nominated for these prestigious awards.

Here is the full list of nominees and winners. Winners are highlighted in bold.

Audience Choice Award

A Quick Guide to Ruining Your Life

Carole Queen Tapestry

Fifty & Nifty



Most Innovative Use of Space

Patient 4620

Frozen Peas in an Old Tin Can

When Liam Met Emmeline in Manchester





Best Comedy

The F**k It Button

Don’t Bother

Madame Chandelier’s Rough Guide to Opera

The Yank is a Manc

Juliet Meyers: This Flipping Rescue Dog Has Ruined My Life

Maisie Adam: Hang Fire

Big Box Aliens


Best Physical Theatre


Punk Sandwich

2 Clowns 1 Cup

This Way Up

2 Clowns 1 Cup GM Fringe Awards
Best Physical Theatre – 2 Clowns, 1 Cup.
Best Revival

All The Bens


Danny and the Deep Blue Sea

Carole Queen Tapestry

Best Newcomer

People are Happy on Trains


The Joy of Cam (Gemma Davies)

Frozen Peas in an Old Tin Can


Don’t Bother

Madame Chandelier’s Rough Guide to Opera

Black, And…

The Decriminalisation Monologues

Punk Sandwich

Boots and Braces


Best Comedy Play

Mistress to Midnight

My Fitbit Called Me a Fat Bitch

A Touch of Magic

Fifty and Nifty


A Quick Guide to Ruining Your Life

Kasterborous in Bolton 

Pramkicker Sadie Hasler King's Arms Salford Manchester GM Fringe Theatre Review Postcard Theatre
Best Revival – Sadie Hasler’s Pramkicker. Also nominated for Best Comedy. Both Coral Sinclair and Tilly Sutcliffe nominated for Best Actor.
Canal Street Online Pick of the Fringe

The Little Pink Book of Masculinity

Bette: Bathhouse to Broadway!

Box Box to Aliens


Best Ensemble

The Melting of a Single Snowflake

A Touch of Magic


‘What If…?’

The Death of a Muse

This Way Up

Fifty and Nifty

Shakespeare’s Sonnets


Best Children’s Show

Mama G’s Story Time Roadshow

This Way Up

The Extraordinary Time Travelling Adventures of Baron Munchausen

My Bottom did a Burp in Class


Best Spoken Word

The Hull Poets

Socially [Un]acceptable

Thick Richard Presents: Swear School

Black. And

70s, A New Decade of Fun

The Empathy Experiment 

Don’t Bother


Write for the Stage Award for Best New Writing

A Quick Guide to Ruining You Life, by Laura Harper

Holy Land, by Matthew Gouldesbrough

Our Kid, by Taran Knight

My Fitbit Called Me A Fat Bitch, by Ronnie Leek

Fifty and Nifty, by Beverly Green


A Quick Guide to Ruining Your Life GM Fringe Awards 2019
Best Writing – Laura Harper’s A Quick Guide to Ruining Your Life
Best Actor

Jenna Sian O’Hara

Nicole Evans

Ali Kahn

Lois Mackie

Hannah Ellis-Ryan

Danny Solomom

Coral Sinclair

Tilly Sutcliffe

Deane Dixon-Foster

Taran Knight

Claire Moore

Kasey Christian


Best Drama

The Riot Act

All The Bens

Our Kid

Holy Land

The Death of a Muse

Drowning in Silence

Danny and the Deep Blue Sea

Best Girl

The Greek

A Quick Guide to Ruining Your Life

All The Bens GM Fringe Kings Arms Salford Ian Townsend 1972 Productions James Schofield Manchester Theatre Review
Best Drama – All The Bens.
Oldham Coliseum’s Pick of the Fringe Award

All The Bens

A Quick Guide to Ruining Your Life


Danny and the Deep Blue Sea

My Fitbit Called Me a Fat Bitch


The winner, Clouds will appear alongside Men Chase, Women Choose in the main stage takeover at Oldham Coliseum in September.

Congratulations to all the nominees and winners, particularly Ali Kahn, who thoroughly deserved the awards for Best Comedy and Best Actor for The F**k It Button

Controversially named, I stayed clear from reviewing her show because I already got served a 24 hour ban from Twitter for ‘inciting hatred’ by reviewing Skank.  That was certainly my highlight of the Fringe! I can’t wait to do it all again next year!

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