I am Nicola Brierley, a proud Mancunian and avid theatre watcher.

I have been blogging about theatre since 2018, when I was selected to be a member of the Greater Manchester Critics Scheme.

I grew up on a council estate in South Manchester, which I still live on. I didn’t watch my first piece of live theatre until I was 18. I grew up believing that only ‘posh’ people go to the theatre, that it was too expensive for working-class people to attend.

I am passionate about breaking down these class barriers by deliberately reviewing and promoting local, affordable productions across Manchester. Doing this also shines a spotlight on the incredible creative talent emerging in this city.

Mainstream, London-centric publications imply that regional theatre is dying. My blog proves that it isn’t. Manchester’s theatre scene is thriving. You don’t have to spend a fortune, or travel to London, to watch high quality theatre.

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