Queen Margaret – Royal Exchange Theatre

Queen Margaret is the first play in this year's Autumn/Winter season at the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester. Margaret of Anjou appears in four of Shakespeare's history plays, including the immensely popular Richard III. She has more dialogue than any other female character in Shakespeare, even Rosalind. However, because her story is fragmented across several... Continue Reading →

OthelloMacbeth – HOME, Manchester

OthelloMacbeth, directed by Jude Christian, brings together two of Shakespeare's most popular tragedies into a single two-hour play. These plays are condensed into two parts, the first being Othello, with Macbeth forming the second half of the production. The main motive behind compressing these plays is to provide a retelling of Shakespeare's tragedies, and inviting... Continue Reading →

Queens of the Coal Age – Royal Exchange Theatre

Britain in the 1980s was a period of civil unrest, political and industrial dispute. The most prominent of these was the Miners' Strike in 1984, where working-class mining communities protested against the closure of coal mines, which jeopardised hundreds of thousands of jobs, and an entire way of life. Violent scenes erupted as the police... Continue Reading →

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